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askmaidianproxy asked:

can you draw my charuthers dyantha and charlot? (i have a post of them)

i don’t really do free art for people ( as i need the money )(( and only my friends really get art and i offer to do it)

you can commission art if you like it cost like for them picks £3.for one person each. if im in mood and like how they look i may draw them but if not i wont do it for free . 


And this goes to all people who complain about Jeff without blue eyes.

Because in the first story that’s all they say of his appearance, and just his age (13). Other stories written after that one were written by fans, so it’s not canon. You can also say he’s asian or german. The story is written in English because that’s the language most of us can understand. And you can also make up the color of his undershirt.

Just don’t force your damn headcanons.

selenawaters asked:

You may have gotten this question before, but have you thought about making a video where you go on Omegle and recording there reactions?

i have done omegle stuff but not got a lot of good reactions worth putting up . and its to much like others and all i get asked is if im pinkstylest 

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